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found.ee is a web platform that enables users to build sophisticated remarketing campaigns, simply, from any digital touch points. found.ee has more than 3,000 music companies using the platform and continues to grow daily. Advisory board includes Tom Whalley, former Warner Bros. Records CEO, Benji Roger, founder and CSO of PledgeMusic, Adam Farrell, former head of marketing at Beggars Group, and Andrew Hunt, VC, and entrepreneur.
We are working on the front-end part. We have used Atomic design, React, Redux, Emotion, Storybooks, and functional concepts. We were responsible for: - Collaborating with the designers, frontend developers & translating the HTML design to pixel perfect components - Writing tests on the go for the atoms and molecules - Integrating with existing APIs and spec-ing new APIs for backend developers - Writing Storybook test flows
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