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The purpose of this platform is to help enterprise clients find IT professionals. Any website visitor can register oneself in the HR Network database, fill out a questionnaire with skills and experience details and await notifications of interest from recruiters. There submitted resumes are searchable per a number of filters which makes it easy for recruiters to find a candidate from a particular location or a specific skill set. On the back office side, HR Network managers can invite recruiters and build up their own recruiting teams who can make bulk submissions to the candidate database and earn interest from any hired professional
We have built the entire server-side part of the application using Node.js, Express and a PostgreSQL database. The main challenge was parsing and filling the DB with job seeker data provided by the recruiters in the CSV format. On the front-end, we have done a substantial facelift for dated jQuery code and introduced a mobile responsive layout for the website to properly display on a range of devices.
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